Show Report - The Saint, 5/30/14

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son took to The Saint in Asbury Park, N.J. Friday night to a hot crowd in hot weather.

Prior to stepping on stage, Social Harvest's John Shepherd explored his solo material and worked the crowd perfectly with his version of The Beatles' "Ticket To Ride."

The show then got under way with the return of "Thick As Thieves," played for the first time since December of 2013. This was quickly followed by the filming of the music video for "Another Deadbeat Summer," the sixth song off of Friends in Low Places.

(Photo Courtesy Diane Pastrick)

The rest of the set saw the band blow through some more new material off the album, including "New Age Outlaws" and "Star-Crossed." The show also featured an extended version of the composition's main track, "Scoundrels." Mahoney introduced the band, taking away duties from Alba so he could do more important things (like play under him during the line featuring the album title).

(Photo Courtesy Zack Morrison)

The Seventh Son would then take a backseat, as Mahoney made his way through "Self-Induced Exile" (with a rare screw-up that he himself had to laugh at), before the rest of the gang joined in to bring the volume back to 11. An opportune late set "Hit The Town" sighting, complete with Alba on second verse vocals, led up to the finale. 

Closing off the night would be a blistering, extended rendition of "Teenagers Too" with the Jersey Shore's own "Big Rooney" joining the boys on stage. And with that, the proverbial stage had been set for June 22.

(Photo Courtesy Joe Cartwright)


1. Thick As Thieves

2. Another Deadbeat Summer

3. New Age Outlaws

4. Star-Crossed

5. Scoundrels

6. Self-Induced Exile

7. Hit The Town

8. Teenagers Too

More set information here

Official "Friends in Low Places" album preview released

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son presents the official album preview for Friends in Low Places!

The video gives a sneak peek at five different songs off the upcoming album, the band's first full-studio effort. The compilation will drop on June 22, 2014 and will be available via hard copy, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and other outlets.


Sneak preview of "Can't Stand Myself" released

Check out a sneak preview of one of the tracks off of Friends in Low Places!

"Can't Stand Myself" is the ninth song on the album and features special backup vocalist Nicco DiRenzi. You can find a quick snippet of the song below!

Friends in Low Places is set for release on June 22, 2014!

"Friends in Low Places" CD release party announced

The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, N.J. has officially announced the CD release party for Friends in Low Places, scheduled for June 22, 2014.

Also featured on the bill will be Check Your Morals of The Skate and Surf Festival, Social Harvest, Brielle Liebman and Tim Gysin. Doors will be at 2 p.m. ET.

"I am extremely excited for people to hear what we have been working on for the last six months," Bobby Mahoney, lead singer and guitarist of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, said. "We have poured countless hours and our hearts into these songs, and I believe it really comes across. I hope everyone connects to the songs as I have."

Friends in Low Places is the first full-studio album produced by the band, and features 10 tracks that tell the story of the different perspectives of the teenage life. The band's first single, "New Age Outlaws," was released in April and can be found on Bandcamp. The album will be available for sale at the show and on the Internet.

Tickets for the gig can be purchased on Ticketmaster for $16, via a band member or at the gate. 

For additional details, follow Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son on Facebook and Twitter or contact

Release date set for "Friends in Low Places"

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son is proud to announce the official release date for the new album, Friends in Low Places at this time!

On June 22, 2014, the band will put out its first full-length studio album, which will be available for download on the Internet and hard copy. The track listing is as followed:

Stay tuned for more information!

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