House of Independents 8/31

House of Independents Show Announced for 8/31 with Special Guests!

House of Independents 8/31

We are thrilled to announce that Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son will be headlining the gorgeous House of Independents in Asbury Park on August 31st with Special Guests: A Boy Named John, The Vaughns, and Deaf Rhino! Tickets are available at the HOI Box Office, on Ticket Web here, or in person through one of the band members! We can mail and/or deliver tickets! You do not want to miss this show! More surprises and exciting things to be announced!

Colton Kayser and Bobby Mahoney 2017 Spring Tour

Colton and I are very excited to announce that we are hitting the road this month! 

Northeast friends, come hang! We would love to see you!

-more info on the Shows page-

Colton Kayser and Bobby Mahoney Spring 2017 Tour

Well, That Escalated Quickly

Well...that escalated quickly! 7 shows in 8 days, plus other extracurriculars! Hang onto your hats and undergarments. 

3/1 At 11:30pm tune into Jersey Rock on 95.9 WRAT to hear a track off "Shot in the Dark" and an interview! 

3/2 WRAT Jersey Rock Showcase at The River Rock- Brick, NJ w Wynward, Experiment 34, and Julian Fulton and the Zombie Gospel 7-11pm **free show**

3/3 Asbury Hotel w Sunday Blues and Ian Bamberger 8-11pm *JUST ADDED* **free show**

3/4 Bube's Brewery- Mount Joy, PA w Froth, Pink Mexico, Tyler Burkhart, Don Babylon 

3/6 Be Here Now- Muncie, IN **free show**

3/7 The Buzzbin- Canton, OH

3/8 The Station- Garwood, NJ *acoustic* 8-10pm

3/9 Brighton Bar- Long Branch, NJ w Doug Zambon, Johnny Ott, Joey Affatato, Dan Amato, and Deaglan Howlett *acoustic*

We even have some more surprises up our sleeves coming soon. Stay tuned. We love ya. Thanks for all the continued support, and hope to see you somewhere!


Reckless Tour 2017 Dates Announced!

Hitting the road!

Reckless Tour 2017 Dates Announced!

We are very excited to be doing cool things with a bunch of great artists these next couple of months! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more to come. It is going to be Reckless™! 
See you out there!

2/17 J House- NB, NJ w/ A Boy Named John, Man Dancing, and Jean Pool. 8pm//$5

2/24 Josie House- Richmond, VA w The Smirks, Graveside Breakfast, and Idiot-Proof

3/2 WRAT Jersey Rock Showcase at The River Rock- Brick, NJ w Wynward, Experiment 34, and Julian Fulton and the Zombie Gospel

3/4 Bube's Brewery- Mount Joy, PA

3/6 Be Here Now- Muncie, IN

3/7 The Buzzbin- Canton, OH

3/8 The Station- Garwood, NJ *acoustic

3/9 Brighton Bar- Long Branch, NJ w Johnny Ott, Doug Zambon, Joe Affatato, and Dan Amato

3/25 Chubby Pickle- Highlands, NJ

3/29 Arlene's Grocery NYC

4/1 Dingbatz- Clifton, NJ w Broken Past and more

more dates tba

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son Release New Album "Shot in the Dark"!

Shot in the Dark is the 3rd full-length studio album by Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

The band said, "We wanted to record an album that showcased this band in its current line-up, with a live, raw, and "reckless" sound. This is the result of those pursuits."

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at William Paterson University by Joe Larkin.

“There's a lot to gleam from "Shot in the Dark," but perhaps its most exhilarating quality is its promise of more…the record offers as much or more as ever. The words, notes, and motifs mark another step forward for the band…The guitars and vocals are present, and the drums and bass groove deeply [and] Mahoney's direction as a songwriter continues to evolve and show new promise”

- John Shepherd

Musician, friend to the band, and contriuting editor of

Shot in the Dark is now availalbe worldwide.




"Shot in the Dark" Video Out NOW!



Produced by Zack Morrison
Photographed by Adam Volerich and Zack Morrison

Song recorded by Joe Larkin at William Paterson University

The "Shot in the Dark" album will be available digitally Friday July 8th.

Record Release Show @ The Stone Pony on Sunday July 10th!



“Shot in the Dark”: New Record and Summer Tour!

“We wanted to make a record that captured the energy of the band live. We wanted it to be raw, imperfect, and honest, while letting the songs speak for themselves, and we really could not be more excited about it all.”

Shot in the Dark will be available digitally on July 8th via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, etc., and July 10th on CD.

As if that wasn’t enough good news, the band will also be doing their biggest tour to date to support the new record, including a record release party at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on 7/10 with special guests Backyard Superheroes, Goodbye Tiger, and Will Wood and the Tapeworms!

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

“Shot in the Dark” Summer Tour 2016

6/2 The Meatlocker- Montclair, NJ
6/3 Firehouse 13- Providence, RI
6/4 PA's Lounge- Somerville, MA
6/18 Bowery Ballroom- NYC
6/25 LobsterFest- Bradley Beach, NJ
*7/10 The Stone Pony- Asbury Park, NJ*
7/16 Buzzbin- Canton, OH
7/18 Be Here Now- Muncie, IN
7/19 Daisy Dukes- Nashville, TN
7/20 Swayze's- Marietta, GA
7/21 Double Door Inn- Charlotte, NC
7/22 The Josie House- Richmond, VA
7/30 Chickie and Pete's- Egg Harbor, NJ

8/13 APYC- Asbury Park, NJ

8/19 Arlene's Grocery- NYC

9/9 The Court Tavern- New Brunswick, NJ

More dates TBA!


Thanks so much for all the continued support, and we will see you on the road!

Upcoming Shows! Winter/Spring 2016

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son will be doing a handful of shows over the next few months while they begin work on their newest studio project, which is due this Summer! More shows TBA!

Upcoming Shows! Winter/Spring 2016

2/22 Wonder Bar- Asbury Park, NJ

2/26 Paul's Tavern- Belmar, NJ

3/4 Monmouth University- West Long Branch, NJ

3/18 Sammy's Patio- Revere, MA

3/19 APYC- Asbury Park, NJ

4/1 Open Arts Stage- Bordentown, NJ


Final Shows of 2015

Final Shows in 2015

2015 has been a big year for us. Bittersweet at times, for no band is without growing pains, but it has really been a fun year with a lot of amazing nights and memories. I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

However, before we get to the New Year, we have many faces to melt at our final four shows of the year! If you haven't been out to a show yet, now is the time! If you have seen us 50 times, your 51st show will be the best one yet!

So get out of bed, put on your finest leather jacket, and get your ass to a gig! December 2015 won't know what hit it!

12/11- Firehouse 13- Providence, RI

12/12- PA's Lounge- Somerville, MA

12/19- The Court Tavern- New Brunswick, NJ

12/21- The Wonder Bar- Asbury Park, NJ


Photo by: Mitchell Bilus

Behind the Song: Don't Ever Love Me

Behind the Song: “Don’t Ever Love Me”

Behind the Song: Don't Ever Love Me 

            “Don’t Ever Love Me” was the second single we released for “The Outskirts”. One day Jon and I were writing over Skype and iPhone voice memos, and he sent me the barebones of a riff with this cool F#-F-F# movement and he told me to “run with it”. So I did. At the time, I was taking the Songwriting I class at William Paterson with Professor Martin Briley (“Salt In My Tears”, Celine Dion, Shinedown, etc.). We spent one lecture talking about “Chord Pacing” and how as the song progresses, the pace of the chords should change (ex. 4 measure changes to 2 or 1, for more movement) then we were told to write a song utilizing this concept.

            I went back to my dorm that week and went back to the riff Jon had sent me and began tweaking it. I used the chord pacing idea in the verse, going from 1 measure changes to 2 beat changes in the second half. It gives the song a bit more movement, and on the record, the left and right panning, combined with Jon and I playing octaves of each other really highlighted this change and made it pop.

            In the studio, we spent a lot of time on the vocals. I was in the booth for a couple of hours doing the falsetto harmonies, and we had many takes of gang vocals in the choruses, the bridge, and the outro. We had another set of gangs doing a round with the “I don’t want to be addicted” part at the end, but we ended up scrapping it because it was becoming too cluttered- but it was cool nonetheless.

            Dan came up with the harmonic, “Edge-esque” guitar part in the beginning of the tune, and I think that’s one of the things that helps set it apart from the other tunes on the record. It’s a really cool part. As a pop, song I think it is probably a close second in catchiness to “Another Deadbeat Summer” but I think this song has a little more of an emotional charge to it.

            Lyrically, I wanted to write about two broken people, and one of them knowing that the best thing for the other person was to stay away from them. It takes a lot of courage to admit you love someone, but it takes an entirely different level of courage and restraint to say “I love you, but you shouldn’t love me, for your own good”. I really enjoyed the idea of love being an addiction because it absolutely is as potent as any drug out there. It is something you crave, and the one character knows that if she lets herself fall, she will get completely hooked again, and she can’t handle being broken again. She also doesn’t want to be the one to break him.

            The song is each character stating their case and pleading with the other. Zack Morrison brought this aspect of the song to life in the video he directed. The beginning of the video (and the song) starts out like any date would, and it has an overall happy tone to it. As the song progresses, each character begins to drop the ruse and begins to show their true feelings, one being completely head over heels, and the other hesitant to feel the same. By the end of the song, they are screaming at each other because they are just so frustrated with the situation. It doesn’t have a happy ending- at least in this chapter of the story.

Stay tuned for more "Behind the Song" entries.




Photo by: Phil Shepherd