Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son to release new album "The Outskirts" July 18

After several months of touring and recording, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son has announced the group's second full-length studio album. 

The band will release The Outskirts, the follow-up to 2014's Friends in Low Places, later this summer on July 18. The album will be available both digitally and in hard copy form, and will be an independent project.

The Outskirts features 10 tracks, with the first single "Done" to be released in May. The project also features songs such as "Don't Ever Love Me," "Jackie Was a Renegade" and the title track, "The Outskirts." Songs on the album were written and composed once again by Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba.

"I think we have matured a lot in the last year and that is reflected in the songs," Mahoney said. "I genuinely think this is the best writing we have done to date. The songs are fun as hell to play, and I cannot wait to start busting more of them out live. We have been working on some of these songs since July and August of 2014."

"It's a hard rock record all the way," Alba said. "We really pushed the elements with the songwriting, looking to be more creative than what is on Friends in Low Places. There are some cool things we've never tried before, which you'll hear immediately with the release of 'Done.'"

The Outskirts was recorded at Quiver Audio Studios in New York City. It will see the return of Max Aharon as producer and sound engineer. 

"We were happy to work with [Max] again. He knows us better than we do musically, and he was an obvious first choice to work with us again. He has a lot of experience and we are often on the same page from a production style. He pushes us to play better." Mahoney said.

Accompanying the album release will be a show at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey July 18. Details regarding tickets will be released at a later date.

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